0.2 Comprehensive

Each project is not merely looked at from an artistic standpoint. Every design factors in a clients branding, marketing, business management and general ethics. Additionally, being a full-service design company allows INK 32 to access any technology necessary to satisfy your project in-house. We can create your logo, business cards, marketing campaign and complimenting website design and program it in one fluid motion.

0.3 Affordable

INK 32 is dedicated to providing the most premium quality projects at an attainable price. By building a unique relationship with clients we are able to understand exact needs within a personal budget. The comprehensive in house approach not only increases efficiency, it lowers costs.


I am Maxwell Emcays, Chief Designer of INK 32 and I will be in charge of bringing life to your idea. INK 32 is a full-service design company focusing on web design. Whether you are rebranding, starting up or expanding, INK 32’s dynamic approach will satisfy all your needs.


The only limit to your vision should be… Your vision.


0.1 Personal

It is our belief that building a strong personal relationship with clients allows us to communicate effectively and better attain common goals for the project. We also strive to make each client stand out in any given industry by adding a personal touch.